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The Bara Foundation

The Bara Foundation's mission is to provide creative opportunity to young artists regardless of their geographical or economical status

What //

What //

What //

The Bara Foundation creates performance and education opportunities for young creatives across Australia through finding industry professional mentors for their specialised skill, through regional community workshops and exposing our Bara Creatives to the creative world they are interested in with free admission to shows, company residencies and internships.

// Workshops

Regional Workshops allows the opportunity for the community to engage with the performers or art. Using the form of Musical Theatre as the foundation of the workshop, creative mentors will devise a performance at the end of the week centred around the performers life experiences and talents to create a unique insight into the life of that region. 

Bara Creatives //

These individulas have been nominated and met with by our Bara founder to ensure our resources are being used to the best of it's ability. 
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