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I recently was asked by THAT Production Company to answer a few questions about artistic living. Let me know what you think |

1. How would you best describe your artistic practice? I would liken it to a squirrel. Gather as much research as possible and slowly digest it over a period of time. Once I've done that, I zoom out and add my own viewpoint to the project. That initial research stage enables me to let go and make informed and appropriate decisions.

2. Can you describe your ideal collaborator? Generous. Silly. Respectful.

3. How has your practice changed over time? I think the mystic nature of the performing arts can be a trap, especially for emerging artists. I thought if I just did this or, was a little more method here I'd be a better creative. But that was a lie. What really helped was surrounding myself with some A-grade mentors who really know their stuff. It allowed me to relax the rigidness of my practice and increased the faith I have in the process. I'm a much more pleasant person to be around and collaborate with.

4. Can you describe your ideal working environment? Creativity is an acutely vulnerable thing. If you don't have an environment that is warm and safe, no one will do their best work and I'm not interested in mediocrity.

5. How do you manage work-life balance as an artist? If someone has the answer please let me know! It's a life-long lesson. I have found communicating what you need to the people around you, and having a really good scheduling system has aided.

6. Who is an artist that inspires you and why? Anyone who is out there doing it. In whatever shape, size or capacity that comes in. The hustle is bloody inspiring.

7. Do you think art is important to society and why? Yes. Wholeheartedly. The arts teach the fundamentals on which society operates upon. Communication, empathy, literacy, problem solving, collaboration, self-confidence, the ability to not take yourself seriously. These are the qualities you want to see in yourself, your partner, your boss or your friend! They are taught in the arts.

8. Does your artistic practice help you in other areas of your life, and how so? Yes! Despite the notion that we walk around this earth thinking we are in control, we're not really. I think living an artistic life mirrors this reality, as your life can change with one phone call or email. That can be a scary thing. But when massive life events happen, I have found I've been able to adjust and pivot more seamlessly than my wonderful muggle friends.

9. How do you seek to improve and develop your practice? It's a fine line of striving and not suffocating your passion. So I give myself space when I need it, read a lot, consume a lot of different creative expressions, journal, as well as practice because it's fun, not always out of necessity.

10. What is something you have created or a process you have been a part of that you are most proud of? Anytime I enable someone to embody their full creative expression, I'm into it!

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