Vocal Strain? Me too. Here's what to do!

The tips I received from a Speech Pathologist for when a slightly enlarged left vocal fold was giving me a little more fatigue than necessary.

Warm Up - 10+ mins, warm up using all of the vowels on ascending scales. Don't skip the all important breath activation stage.

Warm Down - 5 + mins with descending scales and the tip just below....

Straw bubbling! Grab one of those much hated plastic straws and blow bubbles while humming up a storm with different scales and glides. My speechie put THREE exclamations beside this one!!! "You can't do it too much".

Drink at least 2L of water a day; 1 of those litres being alkalised - you can buy it or per 1L of water, pop in 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda!

Don't you dare even think about clearing your throat - instead, swallow. By clearing your throat, you're bashing those little bad boys together - aggressively!

Steam! My speech path suggested using an upside down funnel, and popping it over a cup of tea or hot water. Otherwise, you can use these thing, but be careful! I have seen horrific burns from performers dropping these on themselves.

Limit your caffeinated drinks to 2-3 per day. Yes, that includes tea...I did ask. Also, avoid menthol-y herbal teas like peppermint.

Posture, posture posture. I don't know about you but wearing a mask throughout the pandemic, although lifesaving, very rough on the old jaw tension. Make sure your jaw is relaxed and not pushing forward. Shoulders are back and tongue is resting at the top of your mouth like you're stuck midway saying 'Th" sound. Not pressing into the front teeth.

Acidic foods = from the singing devil. Avoid before performing the following if you struggle with reflux or a sensitive tum tum: tomatoes, onion, garlic, berries, chocolate, alcohol, spicy foods, rich creamy foods, caffeinated tea, coffee and soft drinks.


There you have it! For the next month, I'll be trying these bad boys out and of course will report back.

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