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Hi, I’m Jack (English)

I’m 13yrs old

I was born on the Gold Coast, QLD but I currently live in Canberra

I love performing, playing guitar and anything really that has an audience not many sports though cause they’re a nightmare! I want to be in a band and be the next Michael Hutchence and INXS/QUEEN in a way.

I’m currently rehearsing as the role of Uncle Vernon in a Harry Potter Teen Parody by Budding Theatre in Canberra at the moment. I’m quite tall and I LOVE screen and theatre acting and Harry Potter started this love for me. I have dine multiple projects I was a member of the GREASE:ARENA EXPERIENCE Mass Ensemble in Canberra and am doing THE WIZARD OF OZ:ARENA SPECTACULAR in 2020 in Canberra again as part if the Mass Ensemble

Jack English

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