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I love musical theatre! It fills up my soul with joy. It's amazing. It's beautiful. It's my favourite thing to do, I mean EVER. Ok, ok, I know I may be going a little over the top but that's how I feel about it! ;)

On my page, you can find things to do if you were sick, good audition songs and new musicals, and much more!

Soooooo, the first thing on my profile page is.......*Drumroll*...... THINGS TO DO IF YOU GET SICK. Some people get sick all the time. Some people never get sick, ever. Which sucks if you want to get a day off school :). When you are doing a show, you have to take care of yourself. Always use hand sanitizer, wash your hands, be healthy. If you want a nice hand sanitizer, i strongly recommend bath and body works. If you get sick, my strongest advice would be to REST UP. If you don't rest, you could get worse or even cause permanent damage. Sooooo, without further adue, I present... the treatments!

Sore throats:

ok, I did a show and got a sore throat and found that the lemon vapor drops did the trick. They were great, I recommend to keep a few with you, cause a single one will not clear up the throat.

I'm sure that most of the theatre nerds (I'm one too, don't worry) know about the brilliance of pinapple juice. It works like a charm and is my saviour. I found out recently that grapes work really well too so yeah!


These really suck. A lot. My go to treatment is lemon, ginger and honey tea. It made me better in an instant. Here are the ingrediants: lemon/ginger tea bag, ginger/garlic paste, finely grated ginger, manuka honey and lemon juice.


basically rest and vitamins. Thats all i can say. vegimite toast and orange juice makes me feel better. Just keep sipping water and nibbling on food.

Hey all, just wanted to let you all know that the Album of the West End version of Heathers the musical will be out very soon! They have cut one song, and added two new songs, I say no and Never shut up again. We all look forward to listening to this amazing album!


ok! so I know that you have probably heard of all these but I just wanted you to know about some really great musicals.


I absolutely love this musical! It tells the story of a woman who is making a new start. I'll stop there cause I don't want to spoil anything!


Great. Tells the story of Cady Heron approaching the confronting truth and realising that highschool is really a popularity contest. But it doesn't have to be.


A really fun musical. Not very lifelike but fun. ;)


A very sweet and cute musical. Phillipa Soo (Hamilton - Eliza) is beautiful in this. Such a shame this one didn't do too well on broadway.


Gorgeous story of anxious Evan, trying to fit in in his last year of highschool.


Haven't heard much about this one, but have heard from my beautiful cousin that this musical is amazing. Love you!

If you have any to add, comment on this post and i will put them up there for you.

Just letting you all know, Heathers - the west end version, came out yesterday! It's.....don't judge my pun......Beautiful!

Five Theatre tips:

1. Always Record Your Rehearsals or any type of singing/acting lesson.

2. Be nice to everyone you meet: you never know if there is a director watching you.

3. Get yourself a steam inhaler! You can buy them at chemists for about $20.

4. Aways read the script/play before and after the audition so you really know what is going on in the play/musical.

5. 2B? Or not 2B? The real question is... Are you using a 2B pencil to mark your script? They are softer and easier to rub out.

Sooo, I'm currently doing Annie with Queensland Musical Theatre and wow! It's been quite the rollercoaster ride! It is about a week or two until opening night and I'm getting excited! Because it's getting into the winter season, the dreaded flu is coming around. If you are doing a show in winter, keep a small hand sanitiser in your pocket to use before you eat or after you touch something ferral. Get all of your flu vaccinations and stuff! Also get a steam inhaler to use for backstage!!!!

Hey I'm back and wow I did not realise how cringey this page was lol! I finished Annie and it was an amazing experience. I got so many amazing reviews from companies like stage whispers, and I am forever grateful that I was a part of that show. I loved every second!

I am now in cats the musical (again with QMT) and I am playing the role of Jemima. It is a much smaller role than Annie but I wasnt expecting anything at all so Im so happy that I got a supporting character. Please come and watch the show!

Honestly I don't think anyone can see this and I'm just writing to myself lol

Theatre Nerd

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